Why PM Modi Announced Vaccination for Kids in an Abrupt Address to the Nation?

Why PM Modi Did Not ‘Personally’ Announce the Nation’s Vaccine Drive?

Which is why, Modi chose to prepare citizens for what may possibly lie ahead. He asked people, “not to panic, but be careful and vigilant. We should not forget to wear masks and sanitise our hands regularly…experience in the fight against the global pandemic so far shows that following all the guidelines on an individual level is a great weapon to combat corona. And the second weapon is vaccination”.

That is where Modi comes in, personally announcing that he was providing the second ammunition, this time to children, after having, again ‘personally’, providing it free of cost to citizens choosing not to opt for paid vaccines.

It would be opportune to ponder over why Modi did not personally announce the launch of the immunisation programme in January and stepped in only subsequently. We must recall initial widespread scepticism, even among health care and frontline workers, on the two vaccines when launched.

In January, Modi did not wish to be seen as personally driving the vaccine because people were not yet ready for it. But when faced with the brutal second wave, people gradually began embracing vaccines in the hope of the shots providing protection in some measure.

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