‘Whale-shaped’ world’s largest cargo plane Airbus Beluga lands at Mumbai Airport: WATCH Video

The avgeeks and passengers at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai were up for a delight as they witnessed the landing of the world’s largest cargo aeroplane, the Airbus Beluga. The Beluga is known for its ability to transport oversized air cargo and is currently the world’s “biggest cargo aircraft” after Antonov An-225, which was once touted as the world’s largest plane got destroyed in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. On the other hand, the Airbus A380 remains the world’s largest passenger plane in the world. 

The Mumbai Airport was chosen based on the infrastructure strength and technical parameters, by the aircraft operator. The Airbus Beluga with a quirky whale shaped hull remains the world’s largest cargo plane and has a unique shape, that attracts the plane spotters globally. 

The Airbus Beluga is making frequent landings in India and recently landed at the Hyderabad and Kolkata Airports in the past few months. It landed at the Mumbai International Airport in November 2022 as well, pictures of which were shared by Mumbai Airport. 

Sharing the video on Twitter, Mumbai’s CSMIA official account wrote, “No matter how many times we see it, the Super Transporter never ceases to amaze us! This week, the iconic #AirbusBeluga made another appearance at #MumbaiAirport. Tell us how much you love Airbus Beluga out of 10.”

The name Airbus ‘Beluga’ comes from the Beluga whale. The Airbus Beluga is used to transport big and heavy objects such as vehicles and different space programs. The large aircraft have been witnessing additional demand. 

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