Watch: Robot Dog Helps Model Take Off Her Coat At Paris Fashion Show, Internet Has Mixed Reaction


New Delhi: The world of fashion keeps changing and trying new things to capture the attention of the masses. In a recent show by Coperni, a French brand, a model was seen interacting with a robot on stage during the fashion show. The brand had collaborated with Boston Dynamics to portray a glimpse of the future where robots and humans would need to co-exist.


The robot dogs, known as “Spot,” strutted down the runway, showcasing Coperni’s Fall Winter 23 collection. The fashion show was a modern fable about the relationship between humans and technology, presenting Coperni’s vision that humans and machines can live in harmony. In the video, a robot was seen helping the model to take her coat off to reveal her outfit. Before that, the model and robot are seen getting close in order to acquaint themselves with each other.

Social media was abuzz with reactions to the futuristic fashion show. Some praised the brand for pushing the boundaries of fashion and technology, while others expressed concern about the potential consequences of advancing technology. One user even compared the show to an episode of the hit sci-fi series “Black Mirror.”

Despite the mixed reactions, Coperni’s show was a hit, with many people applauding the brand for its creativity and innovation. And the robots themselves were not just for show – according to Coperni, they are used for a variety of practical applications, from gathering data in industrial facilities to assisting first responders in dangerous situations.

In a world where technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, Coperni’s fashion show was a glimpse into the future of fashion and technology. The brand Coperni has a strong focus on technology. During their previous season’s show, they gained widespread attention by using an aerosol can to spray a dress directly onto model Bella Hadid’s body, causing the internet to go into a frenzy.


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