Watch: Nithyananda’s ‘Kailasa’ Clarifies After Speech At UN


Watch: Nithyananda's 'Kailasa' Clarifies After Speech At UN

the UN human rights office said any submissions made by the representatives were “irrelevant”.

New Delhi:

Vijayapriya Nithyananda, who claims to be “the permanent ambassador of (so-called) the United States of Kailasa”, has said that controversial godman Nithyananda is being “persecuted by anti-Hindu elements” in his birthplace India.

Speaking at a United Nations event in Geneva last week, Vijayapriya said that Nithyananda, accused of rape, is being harassed. After her remarks at the event went viral on social media, Vijayapriya clarified that the so-called “United States of Kailasa” hold India in “high regard”.

“I would like to clarify that I stated that the SPH Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam is persecuted in his birthplace by certain anti-Hindu elements. The United States of KAILASA holds India in high regard and respects India as its Gurupeedam. Thank you,” Vijayapriya said in a statement. 

“We would like to issue a clarification regarding my statement at the United Nations that is being misinterpreted, willfully manipulated, and distorted by certain anti-Hindu sections of the media.

“We urge the Indian government to take action against these anti-Hindu elements who continue to attack and incite violence against The SPH and KAILASA. It is important to note that these actions do not reflect the values or beliefs of the vast majority of the Indian population.

“We request the Indian government to take swift and decisive action against the anti-Hindu elements who persistently incite violence against The SPH and KAILASA.

“It is imperative that the Indian government employs effective measures to put an end to their systematic and strategic activities and safeguard the well-being and security of all concerned,” she said in a series of tweets sent from Nithyananda’s official Twitter account.

Representatives of Nithyananda’s self-proclaimed country ‘Republic of Kailasa’ attended a United Nations event in Geneva last week, where they demanded protection for the controversial godman who describes himself as the “supreme pontiff of Hinduism”. 

However, the UN human rights office said any submissions made by the representatives at its public meetings in Geneva were “irrelevant”.

Nithyananda’s representatives spoke on behalf of Kailasa on “indigenous rights and sustainable development”. The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), however, said they were not allowed to distribute promotional material and their remarks was not taken into consideration.

“Registration for such public events is open to NGOs and the general public. Anyone can submit information to the treaty bodies, who will use their judgment to determine the credibility of the submissions received,” the OHCHR spokesperson said as quoted by news agency PTI.

“On 24 February, at CESCR’s general discussion, when the floor was opened to the public, a USK representative spoke briefly. As the focus of the statement was tangential to the topic at hand, it will not be taken into consideration by the Committee in the formulation of the General Comment,” the spokesperson added.

There was no immediate comment from India’s permanent mission at UN.

Nithyananda is facing a rape case in Karnataka’s Ramanagara. The case was filed in 2010 based on a complaint by his driver. Nityhyananda was arrested but was later released on bail. In 2020, his driver claimed that Nithyananda had fled the country.

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