Video Of Japan’s Valley Of Blue Flowers Goes Viral, Internet Amazed


Video Of Japan's Valley Of Blue Flowers Goes Viral, Internet Amazed

Most people instinctively think of cherry blossoms while discussing spring in Japan. Although the beautiful flowers are a well-known occurrence, there is one location close to Tokyo that has similarly stunning springtime views. A video of a picturesque valley of blue flowers has gone viral on social media and the users are simply stunned to see the beauty of the place.

The video of the same was shared on Twitter by IAS officer Hari Chandana. In the video, a hilly region is covered in small blue flowers. Visitors can be seen walking through the many blue flowers when the camera pans to see them.

Since being shared on Thursday, the clip has amassed more than 71,000 views and over 800 likes on Twitter. 

One user commented, “Blue Sky on Earth.” 

“Really it’s wonderful beautiful,” said a second user.

Another user wrote, “Heaven on Earth.” 

A fourth person said, “Waves of Blue Petals.”

“Sky has fallen on earth !” remarked another person.

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The plant was identified as nemophila or baby blue eyes by a Twitter user. The video is from Hitachi Seaside Park in Tokyo which is home to some of the most expansive flower fields. The park contains a sizable garden full of flowers that change with the seasons, including ice roses in the winter and tulips, poppies and roses. The park also has a ferris wheel that is 100 feet above sea level and offers sweeping views of the blue skies, blue flowers and blue ocean. Nemophila flowers are two to three centimeters in size and are native to North America

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