Tripura: Lapse in Amit Shah’s security after white car enters convoy in Agartala


Union Home Minister Amit Shah
Image Source : PTI Union Home Minister Amit Shah

Tripura: A security lapse was reported when Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s convoy was moving towards the venue of the oath taking ceremony of Tripura chief minister on Wednesday.

According to reports, when Home Minister’s convoy had left from state guest house to reach the oath taking venue, a white car had entered in the convoy. The police tried to chase the car but it over took the convoy. However, the driver of the car was later held.

Cops stopped the white car, but driver escaped

A video of the incident is going viral on social media. In the video, it could be seen that Amit Shah’s convoy is passing, when suddenly a white car comes near his convoy. The car first stops when the cops direct it but suddenly enters the convoy. The cops tried to stop the car but it does not stop.

Z+ security with briefcase ballistic shield cover for Home Minister

Amit Shah has a Z+ security cover with briefcase ballistic shield. It is a portable bullet proof shield or portable fold out ballistic shield, which can be opened during an attack. Shah is accompanied by 24 to 30 commandos under Z+ security at all times.

Lapse in Amit Shah’s security during Maharashtra visit

Earlier, there was a lapse in Amit Shah’s security during his visit to Maharashtra in September 2022. During Shah’s visit to Mumbai, a suspect followed him for several hours. When the officials got suspicious, they informed the police about it. Police arrested him within 2-3 hours.

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