Triangle of Sadness: Woody Harrelson and the late Charlbi Dean star in Ruben Ostlund’s Cannes-winning film

How do you include a 15-minute vomit scene in a movie, without it feeling gratuitous? You might think it’s impossible, but Swedish director Ruben Ostlund not only achieved it in Triangle of Sadness, he leaves the audience gleefully craving more.

The Cannes Film Festival is renowned for enthusiastic audience responses, and anything less than a five-minute standing ovation is considered a slap in the face.

Triangle of Sadness earned a full eight minutes of rapturous applause at Cannes last year, on its way to winning the coveted Palme d’Or as the deserving best movie at the festival.

The result continued Ostlund’s stunning run of success at the event, with the director having previously won Cannes’ top gong in 2017 for The Square, and, in 2014, he also won the jury prize in the Un Certain Regard category for Force Majeure.

It was only a matter of time before an English-language feature beckoned, and the Swede enlisted Hollywood legend Woody Harrelson to head the cast of his latest savage satire, which takes aim at the super rich, gender roles, influencer culture and the fashion industry.

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