TikToker Kelly curates Prince Harry South Park book cover WAAAGH


The satirical world of South Park has once again transcended the confines of its animated universe, as a TikTok user named Kelly created a parody book cover that pokes fun at Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, which was released in January, this year. The parody is based on an episode of ‘South Park’ that features ex-Canadian royals on a Worldwide Privacy Tour, complaining about their desire for privacy. Many fans reacted to her new style of creation. (Also read: Wheel of Fortune’s contestant Khushi leaves crowd shocked with response: ‘What!’ Check out what she said)

In the episode, WAAAGH is the title of a novel written by an ex-Canadian prince, and its cover looks suspiciously like Harry with a red-headed, freckled cartoon prince in a close-up shot. Inspired by the episode, Kelly used graphic design software to create a real-life version of the WAAAGH book cover.

Kelly documented the process of designing the cover in a series of TikTok videos, demonstrating the creation of the graphics and the application of the cover onto an actual hardcover novel. The artist then made her way to Target to purchase Prince Harry’s memoir, fulfilling fan requests to place the cover on the actual book.

Kelly’s humorous creation has garnered a positive response from viewers, with comments ranging from admiration to laughter. One fans wrote, “I love the ‘Worldwide Privacy Tour.” Another fan asked, “Can you sell this so i can put it on my cover of Spare?” Other fan commented, ” “Dude this so so sweet! UNDERATED as hell!!” “You are the hero!”, wrote other. “Thank you for using your graphic design skills for chaotic evil. I want to make a bunch of those and put them on the actual books in the store!”, added one.

The crossover between South Park and the real world is not a new phenomenon, as the show’s creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, have often used their satire to comment on current events and pop culture. With the help of fans like Kelly, ‘South Park’ continues to inspire creative and humorous responses to the world around us.


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