This custom Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 from Argentina is a sight to behold, check here

In recent years, Royal Enfield has gained a significant following in foreign markets, too. Royal Enfield motorcycles are being used in many project builds throughout India because of their relatively simple architecture and ability to work on them easily. Overseas, the trend is beginning to catch on as well.

Presented here is an Argentine Royal Enfield that has been custom-built by Hardcore Custom. The motorcycle has a wide range of changes that we will briefly mention. The stock single-piece handlebar has been replaced by clip-ons, which feature bar-end mirrors as well, giving the bike a flat face. At the front, we see stubby aftermarket headlights that give the bike a flat face.

Further back, we can see a single seat, well sculpted with contrasting black and red upholstery, with a black fuel filler cap on the fuel tank that stands out against the bright red body. Originally, the motorcycle was constructed with a tail section, but now the rear fender is attached to custom swingarms.

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Due to the changed rear suspension geometry, the rear wheel has been lowered significantly. This gives the bike a leaned-back appearance. Even the steering geometry has changed, as the front wheel has now a higher rake angle. Here we can see a blacked-out engine, as well as some custom side boxes, along with an aftermarket taillight just under the rear seat.

A new set of wire-spoke wheels is mounted, carrying a set of new tyres. On the fuel tank and side panels, the bike features ‘Royal Enfield’ and ‘Bobber’ brandings, respectively. Overall, the bike looks sleek and well-designed, with plenty of road presence.

Moto Cafe VCP commissioned Hardcore Custom to build this model to sell it. Modifications such as these are illegal in India, and it would be illegal to ride such a motorcycle.

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