This 17-Year Gang War Has More Drama Than a Web Series

Around 2012-13, Banuda, Anandpal and Theth all got arrested in quick succession. But their rivalry didn’t abate.

In January 2014, Theth was shot at in Sikar jail by an inmate called Subhash Moond, allegedly at Anandpal and Banuda’s behest. The attack critically injured Theth but he survived and vowed revenge against Anandpal and Banuda.

It was now Anandpal vs Theth.

This rivalry also assumed a caste dimension. Anandpal Singh, a Ravana Rajput, became a hero for many youngsters in his community after killing Gopal Phogawat. Theth was a Jat and he began gaining popularity among many Jat youngsters due to his rivalry with Anandpal and the fact that he was seen as the person who could avenge Phogawat.

The Theth-associate who killed Banuda, was killed by Anandpal and his men in a dramatic fashion – by being hit repeatedly with bricks.

Anandpal Singh grew close to Lawrence Bishnoi, whose influence was rising at that time in Punjab’s gang scene.

Hailing from Fazilka district on the Punjab-Rajasthan border and being originally from Rajasthan, Bishnoi was keen on expanding his footprint in that state as well.

Bishnoi saw Anandpal as an elder brother and also someone who can be his ally in Rajasthan in his attempts to expand his syndicate across different states.

But Anandpal Singh was killed in a police encounter in 2017, an act which led to a Ravana Rajpur backlash against the then Vasundhara Raje government.

Theth meanwhile continued to operate from jail but Anandpal Singh’s supporters and allies like Bishnoi suspected him of being involved in the killing as well.

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