Taliban torture, kill Panjshir leader Amrullah Saleh’s brother, say reports

PUBLISHED ON SEP 11, 2021 08:45 AM IST

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  • Taliban fighters have reportedly killed the brother of ex-Afghan vice president Amrullah Saleh. Saleh’s elder brother Rohullah Saleh was killed while he reportedly attempted to flee Panjshir. Reports say that Rohullah Saleh was tortured to death by Taliban fighters in Panjshir. A photo of a Taliban fighter sitting on the same spot where Saleh had issued his last video message has emerged. The photo indicates that the Taliban have barged into the house of Saleh and are now under their control. Taliban has however not officially reacted to any of these developments yet. There is no confirmation about the whereabouts of Amrullah Saleh, who was leading the anti-Taliban resistance. Some reports suggest he had fled to Tajikistan before the Taliban entered inside Panjshir. Similarly, the whereabouts of another resistance leader Ahmad Massoud are also unknown. While Taliban claims to have full control over Panjshir, reports say fighting is still underway. Resistance fighters have claimed that they still control nearly 60% of Panjshir and will oust Taliban soon. Reports say people are fleeing Panjshir to escape the ongoing fighting between Taliban & resistance forces. Those who managed to flee Panjshir have accused the Taliban of blocking humanitarian assistance.


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