Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan talk about coming together in that hit Pathaan scene | Bollywood


Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan have spoken about their onscreen union in Pathaan, which is making new records at the box office each day. Salman made a guest appearance as Tiger in Pathaan and the scene got loud cheers from the audience in theatres. Shah Rukh’s Pathaan, along with Salman’s Ek Tha Tiger and Tiger Zinda Hai are part of YRF’s Spy Universe. Also read: Renuka Shahane replies as Shah Rukh Khan teases her by asking if she told Ashutosh Rana that she was his ‘pehli heroine’

During a recent interaction after the success of the film, Shah Rukh said that he is keeping Tiger’s scarf as momento. In the film, Salman makes a remarkable entry during a crucial scene when Shah Rukh’s Pathaan is caught and being beaten up by the enemies.

Talking about their union on screen, Salman Khan said, “For Shah Rukh and I to come together on the big screen, it always needed a special film and I’m glad Pathaan is that film. When we did Karan Arjun, it was a blockbuster and now, Pathaan, which is part of YRF’s Spy Universe, has also turned out to be a blockbuster. I’m aware that audiences love to see us together on screen and I’m happy that they have given us so much love in Pathaan. I was floored when Adi narrated the sequence to me and told me about his vision to bring us together on screen again.”

He added, “His (Aditya Chopra’s) intention was to play to the gallery and give our fans and audiences what they wanted to see from us. Given how closely Adi has known Shah Rukh and me, he truly managed to capture how we are as personalities in the scenes. This is why people are loving us on screen. Also the way Sidharth executed the sequence and presented us was just brilliant. I’m happy for Shah Rukh and YRF for all the records that Pathaan is achieving. It is a huge win for Indian cinema that we are able to bring people back to the theatres after the pandemic.”

Shah Rukh also stressed on the need for a special script to bring them together. He said, “Trust me when I say this, Salman and I have always wanted to act together but we were waiting for the right film, the right script because we both knew that there would be incredible excitement to see us on screen but we would have to deliver that promise to audiences because they love us so much. If not, they would be mighty dejected and it wouldn’t work for the project. Matlab fans ka sawaal hai, choti script pe nahi chodh sakte types (its the question of the fans, we can’t leave it to small scripts)!!”

He added, “So, when Adi told me about the idea to bring the two super spies from YRF’s Spy Universe, Tiger and Pathaan, together do some kick-ass action scenes, which I’m hoping many people have seen by now, I instantly jumped at it because this idea was delivering the promise of seeing Salman and I on the big screen. I’m delighted that people have loved seeing us together in Pathaan.”

Shahd Rukh further said, “I know it was a long wait for fans to see us like this on screen and I’m glad that we have delivered a film that they are thoroughly enjoying. Besides this it’s too much fun with Bhai on sets. I had missed being with him on screen so it all turned out as it should…and that Tiger scarf I am keeping as a momento!!”


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