Sakshi Malik on how completing studies helps helps her tackle many challenges

Olymic bronze medallist Sakshi Malik has had rough time in the last few years as medal dried up in international events. There was a time when she failed to beat the state-level wrrstlers and it dented her confidence levesl as well. Sakshi’s mental health had taken a bad hit and although she had backing of her coaches and parents, she was on the verge of quitting the sport altogether. However, winning the trials and qualifying for Commonwealth Games 2022 gave her a new lease of life. At CWG 2022, Sakshi won herself the gold medal in the 62 kg category. She was ecstatic after winning it and is now dreaming again for her second medal in Olympics. 

However, Sakshi says that she still rues the fact that when she was down and struggling, she did not have a mentor to help her battle the tough time. Speaking at a webine organised by Inspire Institute of Sports, she spoke on the importance of the mentors in sports. 

“Importance of a mentor is huge. I can speak about one experience from my life. I had no one to speak to when I had my down period. Sports has its ups and downs. There were coaches and parents but a mentor can easily get you out of that mental trap. When I was on the verge of breaking down, was about to quit, a mentor could have helped me lift my spirits,” said Sakshi. 

She also spoke on why athletes should look to complete their studies and cited her own example to stress on the need of education. She said that she wanted to quit studies to focus on wrestling but her parents refused to accept the demand and today she is happy they did not allow her wish. 

“Education is very important. I have studied in an english medium school right from the start. When I started wrestling, I had to manage the stress between playing the sport and going to tuitions and school. I told my parents that I want to quit studies and pursue wrestling but they did not allow me to do that,” she said.

“I now know the importance of those words. As today education comes really handy to me as I can deal with many challenges when I go abroad for tournaments. Whether it is speaking to someone or filling a simple form or basic understanding of things, I can easily do everything. Education is important as sports, it helps your confidence,” she concluded.   


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