Rufus Du Sol: ARIA and Grammy-winning Australian electronic dance trio set to play Langley Park in Perth

They’ve ditched the whisky shots for ginger shots and now Grammy-winners Rufus Du Sol head back to Perth to remind fans why they’re one of the hottest Australian acts in the world right now.

After a decade-long career in the music business, the Sydney-born dance-music trio will bring their Surrender tour home to Australia after a three-year hiatus from Australiathe country.

“We had planned four different tours of Australia since 2019 and haven’t been able to announce any of them because of COVID,” vocalist Tyrone Lindqvist tells The West Australian.

“Our shows have gotten so big now that it was much more of a risk for us to put something on and say we were gonna do it, just in terms of booking everything.

“But there’s just so many reasons why we want to get back there. I have a little son, he’s three and a bit, and a lot of my family hasn’t spent a whole lot of time with him . . . but I’m thrilled that now is the time and we can’t wait to get back home.”

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