Realme 10 Pro Plus vs Oppo F21 Pro 5g: Best budget-friendly smartphones in India 2023

These days, smartphones have permeated every aspect of our life. We use them for a variety of things, including communication, taking images, social networking, document storage, and many other things. It is never simple to choose the greatest smartphone, though, given the huge range of top models available for under Rs 26,000. We brought to you the 2 best smartphones under Rs 26000 Realme 10 Pro and Oppo F21 Pro 5g both smartphones are neck to neck in comparison. Here you can check the pros and cons of the devices and decide for yourself which is better.

Realme 10 Pro Plus can’t match the RAM of the OPPO F21 Pro Plus 5G. Realme 10 Pro Plus’s display resolution is 2412 x 1080, while the OPPO F21 Pro Plus 5G has a superior resolution of 2460 x 1080. The quantity of internal memory is the same for both.



OPPO F21 Pro Plus 5G


Realme 10 Pro Plus




Rs. 25999 Rs 18999



50 MP Quad


108 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP Triple




4200 mAh


5000 mAh


Internal Memory


128 GB


128 GB




6.43 in


6.7 in




8 GB


6 GB



Realme 10 Pro plus is more budget-friendly compared to OPPO F21 Pro Plus 5G. Realme 10 Pro Plus will cost you around 19000 whereas OPPO F21 will cost you around 26000.


OPPO F21 Pro Plus 5G’s 6.43-inch screen is smaller than Realme 10 Pro Plus’ 6.7-inch display. Realme 10 Pro Plus features an AMOLED screen type, whilst the OPPO F21 Pro Plus 5G has a Super AMOLED screen type. Realme’s phone only sports a 394 PPI display density compared to OPPO’s 409 PPI display density. Realme’s phone has a greater screen-to-body ratio than OPPO’s phone, with a score of 93.65% versus 90.8%. Realme 10 Pro Plus has a 20.1:9 aspect ratio compared to the 20:9 aspect ratio of the OPPO F21 Pro Plus 5G.


In comparison to Realme 10 Pro Plus’s smaller 6 GB RAM, the greater 8 GB RAM of the OPPO F21 Pro Plus 5G is superior for playing games. and both have the same 128 GB internal memory. There is a Memory Card Slot on both devices.


The 108 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP Triple Rear Camera on the Realme 10 Pro Plus outperforms the 50 MP Quad Rear Camera on the OPPO F21 Pro Plus 5G in terms of resolution. Given that they both have 16 MP front cameras, they are both on par in terms of resolution.

Both phones also have peculiar features that set them apart from one another. It depends on the choice of the buyer which smartphone out of the two suits them more.


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