Kochi to conduct studies to identify gaps in gender justice

The city Corporation will soon launch a first-of-its-kind gender status study to identify gender justice gaps in the planning and implementation process of the civic body.

The survey will cover all the divisions of the Corporation. First level of training for the programme has been completed. The Kerala Institute for Local Administration is leading the training programme.

Though the State and the local bodies have made significant strides towards women’s empowerment and enhancing the social and economic status of women, the State needs to further improve the condition of its women. The rights of transgender persons also need to be protected, according to the survey note.

The survey aims to review the social and living conditions of all, except men above the age of 18. The social, mental and physical issues faced by the target groups will be looked into. Transgender persons too will be covered under the programme. Random sampling will be done in all the divisions. Homes, as well as institutions where women are engaged in good numbers, will be covered under the programme, said the officials associated with the implementation of the programme.

The Welfare Standing Committee of the local body will spearhead the programme.

Women account for nearly 50 per cent of the over six lakh population of Kochi, according to an estimate.

The survey will specifically look into the issues faced by women and transgender persons at local levels. Though there has been increased participation of women in village sabhas, they do not have a significant role in the decision-making process. Intersex and transgender persons are not even visible in such a forum, according to the project note.

The societal needs of intersex and transgender persons will also be looked into. The data generated during the survey will be presented at a development seminar held later. The outcome of the survey will be submitted for the consideration of the civic authorities. The local body is expected to fix the gender justice gaps in its plans and programmes in light of the findings of the survey, officials said.

Campaigns for preparing inclusive programmes and framing of projects for ensuring adequate participation of women in social development will also be undertaken. The outcome of the survey will also be used to sensitise the civic administrators as well as the officials on various aspects of gender justice, according to the concept note of the project.

Plans are afoot to complete the survey by the second week of February.

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