Kanimozhi Furious as Nephew Udhayanidhi Enrolls Women into DMK Youth Wing

As on a statement issued by DMK Women’s Wing Secretary K Kanimozhi, there is a possibility of friction between her and her nephew Udhayanidhi Stalin in the internal party affair.

Udhayanidhi, the successor to DMK leader and Chief Minister MK Stalin, is serving as the party’s youth wing leader. About 2,000 young women joined the party in the presence of Udhayanidhi at a grand event held in Coimbatore on December 26. Most of these women are aged under 30 years. According to party sources, the event has been held with MK Stalin’s approval.

Kanimozhi, who is also the party’s women’s wing secretary, is said to have been dissatisfied with the inclusion of women in the youth wing. On the same day as Udhayanidhi’s Coimbatore event, Kanimozhi posted a statement on Twitter. It is said that in the past, some of the district secretaries of the youth wing were involved in trying to form a separate young women’s team within the youth wing. This effort is also said to have taken place with the support of the party’s leadership. However, it was revealed that this project was abandoned at the time that if a young women’s team was formed, then the DMK women’s wing would take a form like an older team and that was according to the agitation of Kanimozhi. The recent Coimbatore event which was being led by Udhayanidhi has raised doubts as to whether it is an attempt to re-create the young women’s team, sources said.

While one faction of the party said that the infighting between the two leaders in the party was only to increase their membership, another said that despite Kanimozhi’s continued urging her faction’s executives to add as many members as possible, volunteers and executives from within the party. However, while Udhayanidhi Stalin had strong leadership support, Kanimozhi was unable to prevent Udhayanidhi from entering her territory, according to sources.

While speaking to News18, political critics commented every party needs young blood. The political future of the youth wing and women’s wing leaders will depend on the ideological training they provide to their members. Rather, merely increasing the number of members into their wings would not help them.

In the tweet, Kanimozhi said: ‘Our organization is a movement formed by principled youth and uprising women. The Hon’ble Chief Minister and the leader of our party, MK Stalin instructed at a meeting of district secretaries, members of parliament and legislators on December 18 that the ideology of our party should be made to reach the young bloods and making them to join our party’, she said.

Kanimozhi further stated that women make up an equal share of the population of Tamil Nadu, and today’s young women aged between 18 and 30 have the ability to shape the perspective of tomorrow’s society. The role of these young women in shaping the future of our organization is essential. The creation of women’s rights in politics is an expression of the central justice ideology of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK).

“Our organisation of women must create the next generation of self-conscious, rights-conscious young women. In that way, we have a responsibility to create opportunities for young women between the ages of 18 and 30 who are ‘women’s wing members’ in our organisation. Beyond providing opportunities for young women who are eager to show interest in politics, we will ensure that the foundation for the future of our organisation is strong by incorporating young women as members and enabling them to get involved in politics. I urge all of you to embark on this important endeavour and share daily information with the party leadership on the developments and relevance involved,” the DMK MP further pointed.

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