Joe Biden Devastates MAGA Republicans In Budget Speech


While unveiling his budget in Philadelphia, PA, President Biden said that MAGA Republicans don’t want to help working families and refuse to raise taxes on the wealthy.


Biden said:

Another big disagreement with my MAGA Republicans, and by the way, this ain’t your father’s Republican Party. There’s a lot of really good Republicans, and there really are. But they’re afraid to step out of line because they’ll get primaried. And they’ll lose elections.

MAGA Republicans, you know, they don’t want things that particularly are going to help working families like health care, education, public safety, which is going to raise costs on folks. Maga Republicans refuse to raise a single penny in taxes on wealthy people.

Presidents do not have budgetary authority, so their budgets are more a statement of priorities or suggestions for the direction in which a president would like to see the budget move toward. Biden is using his budget to lay out his values and priorities, but he is also defining MAGA Republicans in a devastating way.

President Biden was telling working people that MAGA is not on their side. What Biden is doing is isolating MAGA and defining it as an extreme cultural fringe. According to Biden, MAGA stands for opposing programs that help working people while trying to make the rich richer.

Little by little, Biden is peeling away at the people who might be tempted to vote Republican.


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