Jen Psaki Pushes Back As The Media Tries To Bury Build Back Better


The mainstream media tried to bury Build Back Better, but White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki wasn’t going for it.


Psaki was asked if the White House action on student loans was related to Build Back Better being dead in the water.

The White House Press Secretary answered, “ Well, again, I would not characterize it that way, Jackie, but I would tell you that Senator Manchin is somebody that has won many tough fights in West Virginia. He comes proudly from a coal mining family and a spoken advocate in the thing that is he believes in and does not. I doubt that he is a flower on the side of the road. “

The Mainstream Media Is Making A Big Mistake By Proclaiming Build Back Better Dead

The White House and Democratic leaders in Congress are going forward as if there is still a deal to be had on Build Back Better ( BBB).  Sen. Manchin is back to talking with Biden and the White House, and all sides seem to agree on the main priorities of the bill.

Trying to connect the White House action on student loans to BBB is a desperate move by a corporate media that is looking for a storyline.

The media has been consistently wrong in proclaiming the Biden agenda dead, but they never learn, so the corporate press will continue to echo the Republican Party talking points.

Build Back Better isn’t dead, and it will be interesting to see if the corporate media eats crow if they are wrong again.

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