iPhone heart rate tracker? Here’s how to use it without internet

New Delhi: Another piece of good news for iPhone users. According to reports, Google Fit will allow users to track and measure their heart rate, among other things, simply by utilising the iPhone camera. To measure their heart rate, users will simply lay their finger on the rear camera lens and apply light pressure. Notably, this feature does not require users to have an active internet connection. So, when can we expect to see these new features? Well, an iPhone heart rate tracker and breathing rate tracker are on the way.

The Google Fit heart rate tracker, on the other hand, was first offered with the Pixel phones. This capability is now available to iOS users as well. To allow the Google Fit app to measure their heart rate, users must place their finger on the iPhone camera and switch on the flash. According to reports, turning on the flash might improve measurement accuracy.

When you place your finger on the rear camera, the app will take approximately 30 seconds to measure your heart rate; thus, keep your finger there for a little longer. Once removed, the preview graph and BPM will be visible on the screen. You can either discard the details or keep them for future use.

Additionally, Google Fit for iOS has received an update that will allow users to track the number of breaths they take. Users will be forced to face the front camera on their iPhone in order to use the Google Fit respiratory rate tracker. It is necessary to keep one’s phone on a firm surface so that one’s head and upper body are visible and unobstructed. When you’re finished, the app will walk you through the next stages. The app calculates your respiration rate from small chest movements once you reveal your head and upper torso.

Google has previously only made the functions available to Android users. The health and respiratory capabilities were later rolled out to Pixel phones, and they will soon be available to iOS users as well. However, Google Fit has yet to update its app page on Apple’s App Store, so customers will have to wait.

Though these capabilities will assist users in tracking their heart and breathing rate, it should be noted that they cannot be utilised for medical diagnosis.

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