ICC gets robbed! Fraudsters steal Rs 20 crore; know details

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The International Cricket Council (ICC) which overlooks and administers cricket across the world has fallen prey to online fraud of around $2.5 million. It is shocking to know that the organization has been duped 4 times in a row.

  • Online fraud worth $2.5 million:

According to reports, ICC has become a victim of online fraud and has been duped by fraudsters of $2.5 million (Rs 20 crore approx) under an online cyberattack. However, ICC officials are not ready to say anything about this online cheating case.

  • Online fraud happened four times in a row:

ICC did not fall victim just once to online fraud, but the organisation was robbed on four different occasions in recent times. All the officials sitting in the Dubai-based ICC Headquarters did not even remotely suspect that they were being made victims of online fraud. This online fraud with ICC was detected on Thursday. According to the initial information, this online fraud has been said to be operated from the United States of America as all the payments have been transferred there.

  • How much will online fraud affect cricket?

According to the report, ICC recently fell victim to one such online fraud and it is estimated to have lost a huge amount of more than 2.5 million. If we compare this amount with the money spent on cricket, then it is equal to the expenditure received by the ICC in a year for any associate team playing the ODI format. That is, this scam is bound to hinder the development of cricket.

Phishing or online fraud is one of the most common scams happening around the world. The frauds can vary from personality theft to financial robberies. At present, cases of such scams are being seen in big corporates as well. The kind of online fraud with ICC can be gauged from how professional and cunning these scammers must be.

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