How To Measure Your Heart And Respiratory Rate Without A Smartwatch on Android, iOS

Google earlier this year introduced the ability to allow some Android users to measure their heart rate using their smartphone’s camera. Now, the company has also brought the same feature on iOS, allowing iPhone users also to measure their respiratory and heart rates without needing an Apple Watch. The new feature allows user to place their finger on the rear camera lens and applying slight pressure.

Google says it tracks “the subtle change in the colour of your fingers” to appoximate blood flow, with the heart rate algorithms accounting for lighting, skin tone, age, and other factors. The feature also works offline with no internet connection required. The feature takes about 30 seconds with and shows users a preview graph and beats per minute (BPM) noted at the bottom of the screen. Users also have the option to save their vitals, if they want to. Let us take a look at how you can measure your heart rate and respiratory rate on your smartphone without needing a smartwatch.

How to measure heart rate, respiratory rate without a smartwatch:

Open Google Fit app on your Android, iOS smartphone

On the main Home tab of the Fit app, you will find two new buttons to initiate either of the processes.

Once the feature is on, place your finger on the rear camera lens and apply some pressure.

Once the app starts measuring the heart rate, you can see a message that reads “Detecting the pulse in your fingertip.”

The app takes almost 30 seconds to measure your heart rate and once done, users will be able to see their heart rate on a new window.

Users can save their heart rate measurement on the Google Fit app by tapping the “Save measurement” button on the screen.

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