Grizzlies tried to keep Ja Morant out of trouble before Instagram gun video


Memphis Grizzlies coach Taylor Jenkins spoke out about his All-Star guard Ja Morant’s recent actions, which led to his absence from the team for at least six games. Prior to the incident, the team had spoken to Morant about his off-court behavior, in hopes of avoiding such situations. “We have had conversations in the past trying to guide him and help him continue to evolve as a person and a player,” Jenkins said.

“Obviously, this came to a head the other day, so we put this process into action,” Jenkins added.

Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant(AP)
Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant(AP)

Jenkins acknowledged that Morant has personal and professional steps to take in order to improve his behavior. The situation has drawn significant attention, as fans and team members are concerned about the conduct of one of the NBA’s most exciting players.

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Jenkins emphasized that the team is supporting Morant’s efforts to improve both personally and professionally. “There are definitely steps that are going to have to be met – personally and professionally – as he deals with some stuff personally to get better,” Jenkins said.

Morant’s absence comes as the Grizzlies have been struggling with a three-game losing streak. Reserve center Brandon Clarke also tore his left Achilles tendon in Friday night’s loss at Denver, ending his season, and the team announced on Thursday that starting center Steven Adams would be re-evaluated in four weeks due to a knee injury. Despite these challenges, concerns about Morant’s behavior have dominated recent discussions.

“Everyone wants to know what this going to be,” Jenkins said. “It’s the hot topic for sure. But he’s taking time. The responsibility to get better personally. That’s a big factor in this.”


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