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Google Search does more than just look up queries for users. Regularly, it keeps adding interesting details on its results page for pop-culture search terms. From the popular ‘90s TV series ‘Friends’ to the 2022’s superhero flick ‘The Batman,’ the search giant has offered easter eggs for many trending search queries before. Recently, it added another one to the list amid the popularity of ‘The Last of Us’ TV series.
Those familiar with the franchise would know the importance of fungi in The Last of Us’s plot. The newly added Google easter egg picks this element from the series and puts it into amusing effect.

The Last of Us Google easter egg details
Users can simply search ‘The Last of Us’ on Google to launch the easter egg, which shows up as a distinct ‘mushroom’ button at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on that button triggers an animation showing fungi spreading on the search results page. Each click of the button makes it appear as if the fungi are rapidly growing all over the page. Users can undo the effect of this easter egg by clicking on the ‘x’ button. As with most of Google’s easter eggs, it works on both PC and mobile – however, it looks creepier on the latter.
The aforementioned animation is an obvious reference to the Cordyceps virus which we see throughout the TV series. It is something that is central to the story and looks as terrifying as the easter egg depicts. While some Twitter users have called the easter egg “creepy,” others have described it as cool.

The Last of Us is an HBO Max TV series based on the namesake game from Naughty Dog. The original game’s co-director and story writer, Neil Druckmann was also part of the show’s production. Besides getting a Google easter egg, the series also boasts highly positive reviews on websites such as Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes.
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