Fully Vaccinated Delhi Man, 27, Got Omicron. He Speaks To NDTV

Sahil Thakur was taken to the government-run Lok Nayak Jai Prakash hospital in Delhi

New Delhi:

Sahil Thakur, 27, panicked when he was told that he had caught the Omicron variant of Covid. Weeks later, he declares – “110 per cent confident” – that Omicron is not life-threatening.

The young businessman, double-vaccinated, had travelled to Dubai on business on November 20. When he returned on December 4, he tested negative in Dubai but at the Delhi airport, he turned out positive.

Though he went into home isolation for Covid, he was stunned when he was informed, two days later, that he was a patient of Omicron – the new strain that the world is talking about and dreading.

“I was shocked – how could I be Omicron positive? I said – please check again. I don’t have a single symptom,” Sahil Thakur, who has recovered from Omicron, told NDTV.

Overnight, four guards were positioned outside his house in north Delhi.

“It was a stressful experience. Even now, four guards are posted day and night. To ensure house arrest for me and my family. Then they sent an ambulance, I was transferred to a hospital.”

Sahil was taken to the government-run Lok Nayak Jai Prakash hospital.

“I had no sore throat, not a single day of fever… I couldn’t even tell I had Covid. But I was quarantined. There were 40 patients at the hospital and 30-35 of them had no symptoms. We were all wondering what we are doing in hospital… why are we ‘held’ here,” Sahil shared.

With zero symptoms, he refused to take any Covid medicine.

“I said why should I take medicine when I have no problems? Why put any substance in my body? Delta was so dangerous, but Omicron is not even one-tenth of it. I did not transmit Covid to anyone in my family,” he said.

“I don’t get why people say it spreads fast. There is no reason to panic at all. It is not life-threatening – I know 110%.”

The number of cases of the fast-spreading Omicron has crossed the 200-mark in India. Out of them, 77 patients have recovered or migrated.

Worldwide, Omicron is driving new restrictions in various countries.

The World Health Organization has said the Omicron variant is spreading faster than the Delta variant and is causing infections in people already vaccinated or who have recovered from Covid.

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