Former WWE wrestler confirms that ‘cucumbers’ were The Undertaker’s weakness


The Undertaker was one of the biggest superstars in WWE. His supernatural stage persona was a big hit and it also gave way to many stories and rumours about him.

One rumour about the The Deadman has been that he is afraid of cucumbers. And many of The Undertaker’s opponents were aware of his weakness which they capitalised on to get the better of the superstar wrestler.

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Former WWE wrestler Mick Foley confirmed The Undertaker’s fear of cucumbers in the latest episode of his podcast “FOLEY is POD” on YouTube. Foley was reminiscing about The Undertaker’s former on-screen manager Paul Bearer who was quite a character in WWE.

“Paul was the only guy who could make The Undertaker laugh, break character,” said Foley.

“I don’t know if we’re allowed to talk about the C word – cucumber – here. I can say I was witness to it, and it’s true, darn true,” he added.

Foley reminisced one moment from the days in which Paul was managing both him and The Undertaker. He recalled how Paul once hid a slice of cucumber on his tongue and revealed to the Undertaker when they reached the ring for a match.

“I couldn’t figure out what Paul was doing because he wasn’t talking on the way to the ring, and the reason he wasn’t talking is because he had a slice of cucumber on his tongue, and as soon as The Undertaker hit the ring, Paul opened up his mouth and sticks out his tongue and The Undertaker starts [retching],” recalled Foley.

“I hadn’t seen retching like that since Bobby Eaton[former WWE wrestler]. Bobby had a notoriously weak stomach and I thought The Undertaker might lose it right there and I never knew. It was just Kryptonite, yeah it was definitely,” he concluded.

In 2022, The Undertaker’s wife, Michelle McCool, disclosed that her husband had eaten so many cucumbers one day that he got sick and from that day on, he developed a strong dislike for the food item. The Undertaker retired on 22 November 2020 after entertaining the viewers for close to 30 years.


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