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Google combined Fitbit heart rate and Nest Hub Sleep Sensing data using the Health Connect app in November 2022. According to a report by 9to5Google, Google Fit is now showing Fitbit step, distance and heart rate data. The report claims that Google might be using the Health Connect app to show Fitbit data in Google Fit’s Steps and Heart rate graphs in the Home tab. The data even syncs with the Fitbit app. Moreover, the Fitbit icon and name are also appearing in the top-left corner.
Google Fit Fitbit data integration: Overlapping data
The report claims that the Fitbit data expansion to the Browse tab has revealed that the data is also powering Distance and Speed. Users will also be able to see it in the Vitals and Sleep category. If you own a 2nd-gen Nest Hub and are using Sleep Sensing, there might be some data overlap, the report adds.
As per the report, the Fitbit data is likely to be used to calculate Heart Points and Move Minutes. Meanwhile, the data also appears to be in line with the Google Fit running on other phones. However, the report mentions that this is happening on a phone that has Google Fit and Fitbit (Pixel Watch) set up with Health Connect. The report also confirms to have tested it on several devices. Moreover, the report adds that the “Recent access” timeline is also noting how Fitbit is writing activity data and Google Fit is reading it.

Google plans for the Fit app
Google has been quiet about its plans for the Fit app since the launch of the Pixel Watch with its Fitbit integration. The app could continue its role of aggregating data across different fitness services. However, needs to be updated to be able to better handle data when it is coming from multiple sources. It will be helpful if Google allows users to prioritise certain sources or combine the data from all the sources.
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