“Find Music In Everything”: Here’s Why Anand Mahindra Says By Sharing THIS Clip | Companies News


New Delhi: Anand Mahindra, the chairman of Mahindra Group and Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., frequently uses social media to draw attention to social issues, support up-and-coming talent, and inform the public about technology advancements. Despite the fact that it may appear commonplace, he also has a habit of imparting important life lessons through films and pictures.

He published a video of a clarinetist playing on Sunday and wrote: “The message I got from this? Find music in everything around you…#sundayvibes.”

The music video opens with an Australian musician named Linsey Pollak poking a hole in a carrot. He tells the audience that he is building a clarinet because the vegetable has a cylindrical form rather than a conical one as he repeatedly uses the drill rod to create exact holes on its surface.

The surface is then evened out and given a crisp, cylindrical shape with a peeler. Then he attached a saxophone mouthpiece on top and a funnel to the bottom. After he was finished, he showed the audience his creation, and they immediately applauded loudly.

After making a brief jest, he began playing the instrument made from a carrot. The audience applauded the man on stage once more as they clapped their hands. The video has now received more than 1 lakh views. Even his followers, like Mahindra, were astounded by the musician’s talent.

One person posted, “I didn’t know carrots could be utilised as a musical instrument in addition to being a tasty and healthy snack. It’s a fantastic method to keep motivated and inspired.”

“It’s like finding a secret gem when you realise that everything has music to it. It can be heard in the crunch of a potato chip, the hum of a refrigerator, the purr of a cat, and even the sound of raindrops. When you have the music to your life at your disposal, who needs a playlist?” another wrote.


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