DMK’s Coimbatore Event Sparks Row; Sasikala, Dhinakaran Blame Govt for Ignoring Covid Protocols

A meeting of DMK in Coimbatore has created a huge furor in Tamil Nadu with VK Sasikala and TTV Dhinakaran blaming the government and law enforcement departments in the State for ignoring Covid protocols.

Condemning the statement given by Health Minister Ma Subramaniam that the DMK meeting in Coimbatore was held in the inner arena of Codissia hall, AMMK General Secretary TTV Dhinakaran said, “The Health Minister has explained that the Covid-19 rules were not violated at the meeting attended by youth wing secretary Udhayanidhi Stalin in Coimbatore. His claim that the DMK performed in the Codissia indoor is like covering up something that happened in open.”

“According to Udhayanidhi Stalin, the event was attended by 25,000 people. As per their claim, even a child that sees the photos or videos of the event, which Udhayanidhi Stalin attended, will understand if it happened on the inner arena or an open field? At least how many of them are wearing masks? Sitting with social distance?” TTV Dhinakaran slammed.

What is the need to mobilise the DMK members in the name of consultative meetings at this time when the Central team has also come to Tamil Nadu due to the surge of Omicron in the State? Could it be that they are the ones who impose restrictions to curb the spread and make health risks to the public through their own party members?, Dhinakaran pointed.

“When the police prohibited us from paying homage at the memorial of the revolutionary leader MGR, the AMMK acted as a socially responsible political movement, citing the increasing spread of Omicron. But did the police formally permit the DMK to launch an event in the Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu? If the police had given permission for such discrimination, we would move the court in future citing the Coimbatore event as evidence, if the police refuse to grant permission while we were protesting with appropriate Covid-19 spread prevention guidelines for public health issues,” he said.

Similarly, on a statement, VK Sasikala slammed “Does Annasalai, Coimbatore Codissia hall are not known to the police as public places? Does the Omicron won’t spread there?” she alleged. Sasikala said that the Tamil Nadu government should not act unilaterally but adhere to the law that everyone is equal.

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