Delhi Education Minister Atishi Launches Video Series To Learn About ‘Happiness Curriculum’


New Delhi: Education Minister Atishi on Sunday launched a 36-episode video series on the Delhi government’s Happiness Curriculum and said it will enable educators across the world help their students learn to live a happy and purposeful life. Through this initiative, people will learn to serve humanity in the truest sense, she said.

The Happiness Curriculum was launched in 2018 with a vision to strengthen the foundation of happiness and well-being of students through a 35-minute class conducted every day from kindergarten to Class 8 across 1,030 government schools in the national capital.

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Development of self-awareness, expression, empathy, and understanding of relationships are the key objectives of the curriculum.

“The video series is available with subtitles which will help the Delhi government spread the philosophy of the Happiness Curriculum to a larger public. This is a very significant initiative through which we can bring positive changes in our lives,” Atishi said.

The series by the Delhi government’s Education Department is an initiative to share the “purpose of life” and the role of education in achieving that purpose, she said.

The department will also share this video series with top universities and institutions across the world and incorporate their suggestions, the minister said.



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