Check | Old Video From Russia’s Krasnodar Falsely Shared as Kyiv Helicopter Crash

How did we found out?: Using InVID, a video verification tool, we divided the viral video into multiple keyframes.

  • A reverse image search on one of them led us a to website with the video, which mentioned that it showed a video from Russia and was published eight years ago.

  • Taking a cue from this, we ran an advanced keyword search on Google and filtered our results by date.

  • This took us a video on YouTube published on 5 September 2014. The description mentioned that it showed an Mi-8 helicopter crashing at Gelendzhik Airport in Russia.

Next, we used keywords in Russian to look for news reports about the event.

  • It mentioned that two people, including one of the pilots, were killed after the crash.

  • We also found report of the incident on the Interstate Aviation Committee’s website, which is a group of 12 countries including Russia, overseeing civil aviation between member nations.

What happened in Kyiv?: Eighteen people, including Ukraine’s Interior Minister Denys Monastyrskyy died after a helicopter crashed next to a residential building in Kyiv’s Brovary suburb.

Conclusion: The video is eight years old and shows a helicopter crashing during an airshow at Gelendzhik Airport in Russia.

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