Bigg Boss 15 Day 88 written updates: Devoleena shouts at Abhijit Bichukale, calls him ‘dog’, latter breaks glass | Television News

Devoleena Bhattacharjee gets angry with Abhijit Bichukale for not telling her that they all had pre-decided on the cancellation of the task. Rashami is furious for Devoleena trying to question Abhijit. Later, Karan, Rakhi, Rashami, Umar and Tejasswi along with Abhijit discuss how the Ticket To The Finale task contenders made an issue out of it. 

Nishant, Pratik and Shamita discuss Devoleena’s behaviour. Shamita asks why Devoleena shows such an extreme reaction while Nishant says she is annoying. Shamita and Nishant tease Pratik saying he is in love with Devoleena. 

Pratik asks Devoleena why she is having such a strong reaction to Abhijit’s behaviour. He says if it was Tejasswi, he would have understood. Devoleena says Abhijit broke her trust. 

Devoleena is furious at Abhijit for cancelling the task during her round. She abuses him and call him a ‘dog’. Abhijit asks her not to stop but she says ‘he is worse than a dog’. 

Nishant, Umar, Rashami find Devoleena’s behaviour hilarious. Devoleena is very furious and she laments that nobody here respects relations. Pratik tries to stop Devoleena but in vain. Tejasswi too tries to calm Devoleena. Nishant tries to calm Devoleena down by turning into a dog. 

Abhijit and Devoleena’s fight cotinue and the latter breaks the glass. Housemates including Pratik, Umar interfere but none of them calms down. Shamita asks Abhijit to not break things inside the house. 

Rakhi discuss with Tejasswi about Devoleena and Abhijit’s fight, saying she didn’t like Devo’s behaviour. Tejasswi agrees. Rakhi says they are equally mad. Later in the night, Rakhi messes up the entire closet and washroom while everyone is sleeping. 

The next morning, Rakhi Sawant tries to wake Umar and stands on his back. Tejasswi does the same with Karan Kundrra, who then pulls her down and hugs her tight.  Nishant and Devoleena notice the mess in the bathroom. Devo says it can be either Rakhi or Abhijit. The housemates are very confused about who did it. Shamita doubts on Rakhi. The latter says why was she punished for the cancellation of the task. 

Devoleena tells Rakhi about her conversation with Abhijit. She reveals she tried to clarify how she is uncomfortable when he touches her and gets flirty. She reveals how Abhijit believes that she loves Pratik. Devoleena feels he would be hurt because of Pratik which is why he took out the anger in the task. 

Later, Rakhi talks to Abhijit and asks him not to hurt Pratik. Rashami is shocked. Rashami says she has someone outside. Rakhi says he would be for here. Rakhi says it is not wrong to have someone in the house. Rashami says it is wrong. 

Abhijit says Bigg Boss had planned it already for the cancellation of the task. Rakhi warns him that he can get eliminated tonight. Abhijit says nobody can get him out or else he will break everything. He says he is the ‘son-in-law’ of Bigg Boss. 

Housemates discuss strategies and Karan asks Umar as to who he was playing for. Umar says he would not play for Nishant. Rashami asks Rakhi if she will save her, to which Rakhi says she will eliminate her first, leaving the ‘Uttaran’ actress shocked. 

Bigg Boss announces elimination task for Karan, Umar, Tejasswi, Rashami and Abhijit. He challenges them that they cannot cancel the task. The task is to count 28 minutes exact or closest to while sitting inside a box. Meanwhile, Rakhi and Devoleena get into an argument during which Rakhi calls Pratik Devo’s chamcha. Pratik accuses her of giving fake content. 

Karan is the first to go inside the box. Devo and Nishant try to distract him by taking Teja’s name. Karan comes out after counting his minutes. Next to go inside the box is Abhijit. Abhijit seems to be least bothered about couting time and entertains everyone from inside the box. Meanwhile, Nishant throws garbage inside the box. 

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