Assembly Polls 2022: Amid Covid Scare, BJP Leaders Prepare For Social Distancing from Kin

Amid growing Covid cases, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders deployed for campaigning in the upcoming crucial assembly polls are a worried lot. Most of them are concerned about the safety of their family members and have decided to stay away from them till their campaigning is over.

A senior party leader deployed for a campaign in Uttar Pradesh recalled last year’s campaign trail and pointed out that his wife had to face major complications after she contracted Covid from him.

“As I do not want to put her in a similar position this year, I have decided to be away for two months and won’t come back during breaks in the phases. Chances of bringing infection are too high as there is no check on health while meeting people and workers,” added the leader.

Party chief J P Nadda, Union minister Rajnath Singh also a core group member for UP polls and UP incharge Radha Mohan Singh have tested positive for Covid.

For others, systems have been placed at home in order to ensure they remained isolated during a short stay of a day or two at their homes in middle of campaigning.

“I take precautions and usually limit myself to the room. We sit in open spaces and chat. Wearing masks becomes impossible. We may yearn for a quick meet with family during such long stays, but the psychological burden that we may infect them is too much. It’s difficult to leave infected family behind,” said the leader.

“We are our family’s biggest enemies,” this is how a senior party leader summed up their ordeal of coming home amid raging Covid infections.

Another leader calls for data on Covid cases every morning before beginning party’s work.

“They (family) understand that there is no fixed schedule in public life. But earlier, we could meet and greet kids and other family members. Now, the thought of meeting family brings stress and concern rather than joy,” said a senior BJP leader.

There is another leader who has requested his fellow leaders to wear masks and checked if they were doubly jabbed.

The BJP has roped in almost all its leaders to ensure they go among people, travel in poll-bound states and hold strategic meets.

With many of its top leaders in the grip of Covid just when election campaigning has begun, the party has decided to use the hybrid way, relying heavily on the virtual mode.

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