Apple Makes Some Handsets In India Instead Of China

Apple has been grappling with the competitively cheaper South Korean and Chinese smartphones that continue to make waves in the Indian smartphone market.

However, the fact that iPhone 14 will be produced in India does not translate into lower cost of the handset in that country due to the high import duties on components and other taxes.

Thus, while Indians might get to see the “Made in India” tag on their new iPhone, they would still have spend a lot for it.

This announcement from Apple signals a win for the Modi administration. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the “Make in India” campaign eight years ago which aimed to boost the nation’s manufacturing and exports.

As per a report from the BBC, analysts at JP Morgan expect that Apple will move about five percent of iPhone production to India this year.

In 2021, Apple supplier Foxconn invested $1.5 bn in Vietnam, as per the South East Asian country’s government.

(With inputs from BBC)

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