Anubrata Mondal Breaks Down On The First Day Of Questioning, No End Of Trouble For Mamata Banerjee’s ‘BAHUBALI’


Cow Smuggling Case: Anubrata Mondal endures a protracted questioning regarding cow smuggling case. He will be presented in court on Friday afternoon, according to ED officials. Prior to that, the Birbhum Trinamool leader will reportedly undergo a series of interrogations on Thursday at the ED’s Delhi offices on APJ Abdul Kalam Road.

Rakesh Kumar, the judge of Delhi’s Rouse Avenue court, has given the approval for Anubrata’s attorney to be present during the questioning. But he won’t pay attention to what the ED’s enquiring officers are saying. On the other side of the glass cage, his attorney will be the “spectator” watching Anubrata’s cross-examination from a certain distance.

Anubrata was reportedly questioned on Wednesday, as per ED sources. But it was unable to be extended because an attorney wasn’t present. Thursday’s entire day will be staffed by Mamata Banerjee’s ‘Bahubali’ leader’s attorneys. With the judge’s permission, Anubrata can also speak to him in private.

In addition, Anubrata has daily access to a 30-minute confidential meeting with his attorney, according to Judge Rakesh’s order. The judge also mandated that the detained Trinamool leader endure a daily health examination. As instructed by the court, ED will transport Anubrata to Rammanohar Lohia Hospital at noon for a medical evaluation. 

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) is in a dire need of solutions to all of these issues related to cow smuggling. As the officers questioned him, Birbhum’s Trinamool president sobbed. ED sources claimed that on the first day of questioning, Anubrata, whose power was once well known to all, collapsed. The records of the statements of several businessmen close to Anubrata were presented by the investigating officers, according to sources.The fact that he initially denied everything is known. 

But was unable to evade Sukanya Mondal’s (Anubrata’s Daughter) remarks. To emphasise the testimony of Saigal Hossain, the former bodyguard and one of the defendants in this case, Anubrata Mondal sobbed in front of the police on this particular day. Sources claim that on this day, he informed ED, “I have not done anything wrong.” However, to question him, a team of six officers has been assembled. The officers reportedly inquired about his involvement in cow smuggling. They are curious as to know whether Anubrata is the mastermind of cattle smuggling or not!

Anubrata’s daughter Sukanya was questioned at the ED office in Delhi long before Anubrata was brought to Delhi. And Saigal, Anubrata’s former bodyguard and close friend, is presently detained in Tihar Jail. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Anubrata was ready for any statement he would be asked to give in advance. Officials are likely employing all of their signature tactics. Senior officers like Special Director Vivek R Wadekar, Special Director Rahul Naveen, Sonia Narang, Special Director Monika Sharma, Sunil Kumar Yadav, Yogesh Sharma, and Sohan Kumar Sharma are a part of the team that the ED has assembled.


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