Anti Corruption Raid Uncovers Pipeline Full of Cash in Bengaluru Official’s Home

During a raid by Karnataka’s Anti-Corruption Bureau, bundles of cash were pulled out from a drainage pipeline outside the residence of Shantha Gowda Biradar, a Public Works Development (PWD) engineer from Bengaluru, NDTV reported.

As per information received by the Bureau, the engineer had hidden money in pipelines. Video of a plumber digging out the currency emerged on social media on Wednesday, 24 November.

The raid was reportedly part of the statewide crackdown on allegedly corrupt government officials.

Visuals recorded during the raid show officials and the plumber removing sections of pipes and fishing out wads of notes from inside. Apparently, these pipes for show were installed at the house to hide unaccounted cash.

As per reports, the Anti-Corruption Bureau has undertaken search operations in relation to unaccounted assets against 15 government officials, spanning 60 locations. The government agency also recently raided the office of the Bengaluru Development Authority, NDTV reported.

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