‘’An Action Hero’ Is Not a Run-of-The-mill Action Film’: Ayushmann Khurrana

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana and filmmaker Anirudh Iyer talk about their latest release An Action Hero.

Talking about his character in the film, the actor told The Quint, “I’ve played imperfect chatacters in my films but this is something different. I had to put on that swag or maybe that false sense of entitlement. My character Maanav is someone who is very flamboyant and wears his stardom on his sleeve. That’s not me so it’s fun playing him.”

Iyer talked about why he believes Khurrana is a brave actor and said, “I don’t think anything ordinary excites Ayushmann. He always looks for that X Factor in a script. When he comes on board, he comes with all his heart and faith.”

Ayushmann Khurrana also talks about how he deals with social media, why An Action Hero is ‘the film of 2022’, how he is evolving as an actor post-pandemic, and much more.

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