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It’s been over two years since Sony’s PlayStation 5 came out and rumours are rife regarding a new model of PS5 arriving sometime soon. According to InsiderGaming’s Tom Henderson, the console giant plans to update its base PS5 model rather than release a new major variant. To be more precise, the original PS5 (Gen 1) will undergo minor tweaks as it transitions from Gen 2.
It’s important to note that this won’t be the same as getting a PS5 Pro or PS5 Slim since there won’t be any major difference in specs in the new rollout. Additionally, Henderson shared that he doesn’t expect any update in the look of the console either.

PS5 Gen 2 new feature and expected release window
As reported by the source, PS5 Gen 2 won’t stray away from the specs of Gen 1, but it will introduce a handy feature. The improved PS5 base model is tipped to come with a detachable disk drive. Thanks to this change, Sony will only have to manufacture a single type of console for both its digital and disk variants — hence, reducing production and shipping costs.

Sony will reportedly start production of PS5 Gen 2 in April, with an expected release in September. Moreover, it doesn’t plan to ditch production of the Gen 1 model until at least the year-end.
Will there be a PS5 Pro or PS5 Slim in 2023?
There has been speculation about the PS5 getting a slightly overpowered or slightly underpowered (but cheaper) edition sometime in the future – as was the case with its predecessors. As per Henderson, it doesn’t seem likely that a major variant will come out this year.

He revealed that Sony believes it hasn’t yet used the PS5 hardware to its fullest. Therefore, the case for a more powerful PS5 Pro isn’t convincing enough at present. Furthermore, he noted that there are currently more rumours about the PS6 than a PS5 Pro, implying that any such upgrade is still a long time away.
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