5 Solid Reasons Why You Should Start Your Cryptocurrency Journey With ZebPay

2021 has been an interesting year for cryptocurrency, to say the least. While earlier one only spoke about the underlying blockchain platform that powers cryptocurrency, this year saw the rise of applications such as NFTs and metaverse that can be used to transact and buy things of value using crypto.

With so much happening in this space, it is only natural to have a sense of FOMO if you’re still waiting to join the era of new-age digital assets. But before you do that, one of the most fundamental questions you need to answer is which cryptocurrency exchange you’re going to put your hard-earned money into. That single decision can define just how well your cryptocurrency journey will proceed, in more ways than one.

What Is A Cryptocurrency Exchange:

Let’s first understand what a cryptocurrency exchange is. A cryptocurrency exchange, is a business or company that allows customers to buy and trade crypto assets. The exchange essentially facilitates the customer to buy crypto assets by accepting traditional currency such as the Indian rupee, from traditional bank accounts or other payment methods like UPI etc.     .

Buying cryptocurrency can be an overwhelming process if you choose the wrong exchange to use for trading. Thankfully, we have found one of the best exchanges that you can use to start your crypto asset journey in India – ZebPay. Here are a few things that make ZebPay a preferred exchange according to us.

Top Reasons To Consider ZebPay:

  1. No Entry Barrier

One myth many new crypto asset users have is that they need to buy an entire coin. Looking at prices of Bitcoin that currently trades at INR 36.5 lakh for a single coin or Ether that costs around INR 3 lakh for one coin deters many from getting into crypto assets     .

With ZebPay for example, one can start investing with as little as INR 100 into any crypto     of their choice. This allows someone new to learn the intricacies of crypto assets, weather the volatility and gain confidence to invest further in their journey. Simply deposit money into your ZebPay wallet, buy Crypto and watch your portfolio grow with ZebPay’s unique features that allow you to earn returns just for holding.

  1. Build Your Own Portfolio With 60+ Cryptocurrencies

There are thousands of crypto assets today, even though only a few are spoken about all the time. There are others that simply turn out to be scams (remember the Squid Game token?). A good cryptocurrency exchange must provide more options than just the top 10 cryptocurrencies, for example, which is why we recommend ZebPay. The cryptocurrency exchange allows you to build a portfolio with one single crypto or from a pool of 60 different cryptos, giving you more choice on your investments.

  1. Hold Crypto And EarnGet additional returns on your crypto assets just for holding them in your ZebPay account. Select cryptos are eligible for daily returns to the range of 0.5% to 6%. Returns are calculated daily on the balance in the customer’s spot or trading wallet and even on pending ask (sell) orders. Imagine your ZebPay account as a normal bank account that gives you interest just for storing your crypto in it. Sounds pretty amazing to us.
  2. Take Advantage Of The Lending Platform,ZebPay’s exclusive feature allows you to lend your cryptocurrency to the exchange and earn even more returns on your investments.

Now, here’s how it works –

You can decide to lend either for an Open Term or for a Fixed Term. Under the former, you will earn returns on your crypto asset as applicable on that day. The returns will be deposited on a daily basis, and you can decide to return your holdings in your account any time you wish to.

Under Fixed Term, you can choose to lend your crypto for 7-day, 30-day, 60-day or 90-day periods, with the rate of returns varying according to the duration you select. The returns as well as your holding will be deposited into your trading wallet at the end of the term.

In essence, these work in a similar fashion to a fixed deposit account in the traditional market, except you earn fixed returns on the assets which can also appreciate in value over time. Lending your crypto asset to the exchange to earn more return on your investments is another great feature that makes ZebPay a great choice.

  1. Trusted By More Than 66% of Indian Investors,ZebPay is one of the oldest exchanges in India, founded in 2014. In fact, in a survey done by the crypto influencer—Crypto Kanoon, in 2020, found out that 2/3rds (or 66.6%) of Indian investors bought their first Bitcoin on ZebPay.

One of the most important factors that should determine which cryptocurrency platform you choose, must be based on trust and security of the exchange itself. On both these counts, you will find ZebPay at the helm of crypto assets’ awareness and propagation, with its robust platform and distinctive features. Most importantly, the exchange is trusted by more than half the country’s crypto investors – something that should make you feel safe while opening your own account with Zebpay.

With so many good things going for it, we can only recommend you open your own ZebPay account and start taking advantage of its many products and features. Open your account here.

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