10 Secret Santa Gadget Gifts You Can Buy Under Rs 1,000 On Amazon

Most people have already selected the gifts that they will give to their loved ones for Christmas. At work, your team may be into playing “secret Santa” and if you have not yet selected what to give within budget then we have listed out some affordable options. Let us take a look at some last-minute gifting options that you can purchase to become someone’s secret Santa under Rs 1,000:

Boat Stone 170 Bluetooth Speaker – Everyone likes to indulge in music and Netflix content on their smartphones or laptops. At times, the audio out of the smartphone and laptop is not adequate – be it for the music, or the TV show/ movie you are watching on Netflix. For this, the Boat Stone 170 portable speaker is a good option. Priced at Rs 999 on Amazon, the Boat Stone 170 comes with a 5W speaker and offers IPX6 water resistance.

OnePlus 10,000mAh power bank – Smartphones run on a battery that can run out of power after prolonged usage. Most people in the world today own power banks in order to compensate for the shorter battery life on their smartphones. OnePlus’ 10,000mAh power bank, in this case, makes for a great Christmas gift as it costs just Rs 899 on Amazon and offers users a fast charging and long-lasting backup for their smartphone batteries.

Audio Technica ATH-COR150RD – While wireless earphones have taken over the personal audio space, wired earphones still have an advantage over them – be it the lower latency or the physical mics that facilitate better quality calls. The Audio Technica ATH-COR150RD is priced at Rs 899 on Amazon and comes with 8.5mm drivers for powerful sound.

Wipro smart bulb – Smart homes are also a category that is becoming increasingly popular with each passing day. While other smart home products like a smart speaker are much more expensive, you can give someone their first step towards a smart and connected home – a Wipro smart bulb. It costs only Rs 705 and comes with 16 million colours. The Wipro smart bulb is also compatible with virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

ELV Aluminum Phone Stand for Desk – With Work From Home becoming the norm, many people have their own desk setups within their rooms or home office. Even with a proper setup, many lack a perfect spot to place their smartphones on the table. This smartphone stand for their desk is a perfect secret Santa gift. Priced at Rs 279 on Amazon, the ELV Aluminum phone stand is made out of aluminum and provides a sturdy and stylish place for you to put your smartphone.

Ambrane 38W Fast Car Charger – The Ambrane 38W fast car charger 3.0 is priced at Rs 399 on Amazon and offers users a quick and easy way to keep their smartphones topped up while on the go.

Scarters Desk Mat – This desk pad is a multi-purpose mat for your desk – works for the overall appeal for your desk, making it look more finished and fancy, while also acting as a mouse pad and skid-proof texture allowing things to stay in-place.

Philips Beard trimmer – Priced at Rs 749, this beard trimmer from Philips is a great Secret Santa gift for men. The trimmer is a cordless trimmer and comes with USB charging. It has three beard length settings – 1, 5, and 7 milimeters, depending on length.

Smartphone mount for car dashboard – Ever struggled to keep up with navigation while driving? Now, you can end this problem for one of your friends this christmas with a smartphone car mount. The SKYVIK TRUHOLD is priced at Rs 599 on Amazon and gives you a sober magnetic plate that you can mount from your car AC vent and stick your smartphone to it, magnetically.

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